What is Organic SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what makes your website found.  Google has set the parameters for this, and changes it constantly.  So keeping up with the trends in SEO is important for your websites health.  

Content is King - is very true in this case and if your content does not clearly define what your business is about and what your products can do, your website could be lost amongst many other websites.  All websites are competing for that spot at the top of the list when searched.  

Tchinga Designs uses Organic SEO on all its websites.  This is by making sure that we follow Googles parameters where possible. Tchinga Designs also uses tools such as Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools, Google Places, Google Analytics & .xml sitemaps.  

The content that you give us regarding your business should be in detail, remember it is your business & Tchinga Designs is not a master of your business.  We will suggest changes in your content and might rewrite your content so that it becomes search engine friendly.

Google Adwords is not Organic SEO but Tchinga Designs will help you set up an account. Note the account is in your name and payment for using Google Adwords is your responsibility.

Tchinga Designs also offer SEO advice on Social Media & linking, should your require this.

Google Quote


“97% of consumers search for 
local businesses online.”

Be there when they do!!!!!!


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