with passion, so you can stand out from the crowd.

WhatWe Do

All of the websites that Tchinga Designs creates are made up of the following as listed below.  Hover or click on images and discover what is included in your choice of website.


Tchinga Designs websites that are mobile ready and responsive.

UX & UI are at the forefront when designing your website, ensuring a happy user experience.


We design all our websites with Organic SEO + a few extra's.

What this means is that your website from launch date will be found when searched for.

Social Media Intergration

Social Media is an important part of your marketing.

That is why Tchinga Designs intergrates it into your website, in whatever format you would like.

About Us

Tchinga Designs has been successfully designing affordable websites for the small to medium business since 2007. From 2012 we have been designing websites with the use of a CMS, which allows our clients to update their own website.  

Tchinga Designs choice of CMS is Joomla as it has become one of the most popular CMS's due to ease of use & the amazing forum support. As shown in our video clip.

Tchinga Designs not only develops websites, but develops friendships when designing your website. We believe in working with you, making sure you understand what we are doing & why. Allowing your input during the process of designing your website. 

WhatOur Clients Say