Terms and Conditions

  1. CONTRACT - Once we receive your approval for Tchinga Designs to commence work on your website it will be deemed that a contractual agreement has been reached between the two parties.
  2. REGISTRATION & HOSTING - If Tchinga Designs registers a Domain Name & Hosting on your behalf this will be an added extra & will need to be paid upfront. Once this has been done, Tchinga Designs will request that you willingly transfer this account into your Company's name. Failing which Tchinga Design will cancel the account.
  3. SUPPLY OF INFORMATION - We require all of the website information within 21 days of acceptance of Tchinga Designs doing your website. Should you fail to do this we reserve the right to impose a surcharge of 20% on the total cost. This information to be emailed to us, unless other arrangements have been made. Please note that all text to be sent in a Word Document. Images can be sent to us in the following format - jpeg, png, gif and pdf. Should images be large, we will give you our Dropbox details.
    As it's important to efficiently manage our schedule, if projects lose momentum or slows down to a grinding halt, then we have the right to "de-priortize" or terminate your project.
  4. COPYRIGHT - Please ensure that there are no copyright infringements on the content and pictures that are forwarded to us for use on your website. You will be held accountable for any infringements. By accepting our terms and conditions you confirm that there are no copyright infringements and you indemnify Tchinga Designs against any such claims for copyright infringements.
  5. PAYMENT - On acceptance of our quotation and our terms and conditions a 50% deposit is payable before work commences on your website. Once work commences on your website no refunds will be made. When the website is completed, you will receive the final invoice which is required to be payed within 7 days of invoice date. Full payment must be received or publication of the website may be withheld.
  6. WORK IN PROGRESS - While we work on your website it will be live on the internet. We will be in constant communication with you, to make sure that it is what you require. This is to ensure that although still under construction the information & layout is correct.
  7. COMPLETION OF WEBSITE - Once the website is completed we will give you an additional 7 days in which to make minor changes. Thereafter updating rates will apply.
  8. FUTURE SUPPORT - All future support upon request will be at our update rate.
  9. JOOMLA & EXT - We will notify you of Joomla version updates as well as any other updates that could affect your website if it is not updated. We will only remind you 3 times of these updates after which we will not remind you again. We do suggest that you keep up to date with the Joomla versions, failing which we will not rectify problems should the website start to malfunction. Nor will we take responsibility for this.